The Ultimate Starter Bundle


My best value bundle!✨

Get my Procreate brush packs, my most used color palettes, as well as 15 PDF files of my mini tutorials* and 2 step-by-step projects.

1. Brush Packs (Basic Marker and Inky Painter)
2. My Color Palettes (3 .swatches files that you can import into Procreate)
3. 15 Mini Tutorial PDFs:

  • How I Draw Faces

  • How I Draw Facial Expressions

  • How I Draw Bodies

  • How I Draw Hands and Feet

  • How I Draw Hair

  • How I Draw Hairstyles

  • How I Draw Boys and Men

  • How I Draw A Character Turnaround

  • How I Draw Characters Using Reference Images

  • How I Draw Everyday Objects

  • How I Draw Flowers and Foliage

  • How I Draw Landscapes

  • How I Draw Pets

  • How I Draw Small Houses

* My mini tutorials are short tutorials covering various topics. I show how I approach each topic step-by-step, and include as many tips and tricks as I can. I created these tutorials monthly on Patreon, but since, I am no longer on Patreon I now offer these files in bundles.

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